The Ecosystem

CityPacks' ecosystem encourages the charitable giving of cryptocurrency and fundraising through NFT collections simultaneously contributing to social impact.

How do we eliminate barriers to entry and capture the efficiency gains of this new decentralized technology to improve public education create a better world for our communities?

The answer is CityPacks.

We want to see every student have access to the same level of education, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and increasing access to blockchain technology is essential to building a foundation that will help bring our mission to life.
Technology adoption will allow these institutions to reach more donors, improve transparency, and create a perpetual funding mechanism, increasing their impact and improving their ability to react to situations where they are needed much faster.
CityPacks' fundraising platform will leverage NFTs to build a sustainable ecosystem, supporting ongoing educational programs while addressing the basic needs, from school lunches to computers, as an essential component in building students' success.

How does CityPacks create social impact?

Start doing good with NFTs
A percentage of fees (e.g. 50-80%) and perpetual royalties generated by transacting with the CityPacks NFTs are distributed to social impact organizations to fund educational programs, elected by the CityPacks governance and community advisors.
Our NFT collections, allow CityPacks to immediately fund social impact initiatives in local communities while increasing, for public school students, access to the latest blockchain education and resource.
Building the Future: Web 3 "Learn To Earn" Platform
CityPacks Web 3 education L2E platform will support, fund, and build blockchain-based curriculums for students while letting them earn cryptocurrency (CityCoins) and non-fungible token (NFT) rewards as they learn.
CityPacks turns a student's learning history into rewards and trust with access to Web 3 employers through a careers marketplace and a curriculum aligned with the market demands, incentivizing companies to prepare and hire local talent while driving value for the cities and communities.
Growing: Beyond the classrooms
Our program will enable expansion of our "Learn To Earn" incentives by connecting with third-party educational initiatives, companies, NFTs projects, courses, and programs to grow and support our ecosystem.
Maximize Fundraising
Leverage Defi, to maximize donations using Stacks’ unique consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer, enabling Social Impact organizations to earn a yield and grow their endowment funds and program treasury.