Build: Learn To Earn Platform

CityPacks' will serve a blockchain-based "learn to earn" education platform for students and educators.

CityPacks Web 3 education L2E platform will support, fund, and build blockchain-based curriculums for students while earning cryptocurrency (CityCoins) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) rewards as they learn.

CityPacks' L2E platform create a new model for education that is scalable and affordable for people all over the world, and an opportunity to give ALL students the opportunity to learn and help program the future of our communities.
Built on Stacks, Secured by Bitcoin, Powered by CityCoins.
Education is one of the most important things in life, and we're committed to building a better future for all students, leveraging blockchain technology and CityCoins' protocol to give communities the power to improve and program their cities.
How does CityPacks create economic opportunity for our ecosystem?
Our L2E platform will help public school students learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while also earning rewards (CityCoins) for their achievements.
  • Develop a curriculum for crypto and blockchain technology for beginners to advanced users.
  • Collaborate with businesses, governments, and NGOs to help their communities and residents acquire sought-after skills.
  • Financial Education: From setting up your first crypto wallet to engaging, effective, web3 based financial literacy to empower the entrepreneurs & investors of tomorrow.
  • Earn STX/CityCoins for completing projects, exercises, games, and certifications.
  • Access to Web 3 employers through a careers marketplace: Talent Pipeline
  • Complete bounties, challenges, volunteer or build community content to earn more CityCoins.
  • Stake CityCoins: A tax-advantaged savings mechanism designed to encourage saving for future education costs.

It takes a community to build, grow and support disruptive technologies that will revolutionize education.

Our goal is to lead the crypto and blockchain education for public school students by partnering with both on and off-chain projects around the world to combat educational inequality and build a future of opportunities for all.
Through partnerships with institutions, businesses, educators, educational platforms, NFTs collections, DAOs, and other initiatives, CityPacks will nurture an ecosystem that promotes a fun, social, and safe learning experience with courses in topics we all wish we could have learned in school like Coding, Civic Responsibility, Investing, and more.