Grow: Doing good with DeFi

Simplify social organizations' experience from off-chain fundraising to on-chain with access to Defi products, sustainably growing endowment funds for educational initiatives.

Connecting organizations with a powerful NFT-based ecosystem to raise awareness, fundraise and grow funds.

Maximize Donations

Social Impact organizations and Educational institutions can grow their crypto assets tax-free with staking and DeFi products, maximizing donations and leveraging NFTs perpetual royalties for compounding benefits and access to more resources.
  • Crypto Endowment Funds
  • Stake your Citycoins $MIA or $NYC and Earn STX
  • Stake STX for BTC Rewards
  • Lend BTC and earn fixed or variable interest

Make real world impact

CityPacks smart contracts allow users to generate yield on their crypto assets through the integration of open-source Defi protocols, accessing yield generating products while supporting social impact organizations.
The automation of common yield-generating functions such as minting, staking, and transferring NFTs means that users:
1. Save time and easily choose which social impact organization you’d like to help.
2. Get the tax advantages and increased impact.
3. Enable greater impact with your NFT and Access to Exclusive Utilities.