NFT Collection 001

Citypacks' NFT Collection 001 for Public School Students Funding Cultural and Educational Programs through FNEI for (M-DCPS).
Citypacks 001 is our first NFT Collection, consisting of generative 3D illustrated backpacks, with the mechanism to fund the Cultural and Educational Programs for the Foundation for New Education Initiatives (FNEI), the direct-support organization for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Each NFT is unique living on the Stacks blockchain, inspired by Miami's diversity and landmarks - bridging the gap between collectibles and community empowerment, increasing access to educational resources for hundreds of thousands of public school students in Miami-Dade County.


1/1s Drop: First NFT Collection minted on MiamiCoins

An NFT collection of *3,500 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarities with superpowers to fund the FNEI Cultural Passport Program, and multiple educational programs supporting public school students. Built on Stacks, Powered by CityCoins, Minted with $MIA.
To improve student wellbeing, promote science and the arts while providing the tools and resources for a successful future while helping to build the foundations for CityPacks' ecosystem, introducing an NFT-based fundraising mechanism to support Miami-Dade County Public School students.
Mint (Primary Sale)
75% Donated to FNEI for M-DCPS
5% CityPacks Community Fund
20% CitPacks Team, Artist & Developers
4% to FNEI for M-DCPS
3% CitPacks Team, Artist & Developers
1% Community Pool (Treasury)
3,500 Generative NFTs
Tokens withheld from sale — 35 (giveaways, marketing and team)


*Collection 001: FNEI for (M-DCPS) Miami Public School Students
  • 12/03/2021 Limited Edition 1/1s (15)
  • MARCH 22/23 2022 1st Drop: 1500 generative CityPacks. Mint Now

Partners and Beneficiaries

FNEI helps fund the educational initiatives of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). Together we are working to provide our students with world-class educational opportunities, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.
M-DCPS Office of Grants


* is an open NFT marketplace on Stacks with $0 commisions on CityPacks' Collections in Support of Social Impact NFTs