Fund: NFTs with superpowers

NFTs with superpowers, packed with the mechanisms for funding educational resources to empower public school students, and develop the foundation to thrive in the blockchain world of tomorrow.

With CityPacks NFTs, social impact organizations are equipped with a powerful fundraising tool.

Each NFT is unique living on the blockchain - bridging the gap between collectibles and community empowerment, funding educational initiatives, while increasing access to educational resources to improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of students.
Social impact organizations and educational institutions can leverage the power of blockchain technology to access crypto-powered fundraising protocols and Defi, to build sustainable donation programs on top of the Stacks ecosystem, powered by CityCoins, making long-term contributions to communities and our cities.


CityPacks NFTs collections make on-chain fundraising easy and fun, combining art, utility, and perpetual royalties, maximizing donations, to achieve long-lasting, sustainable outcomes.
Each collection will be unique, combining a series of thematic NFT digital art, utilities, aligned with fundraising goals to support a cause, educational program, and CityPacks' "learn to earn" platform.
1/1 Limited Drop for Miami Dade County Public School's Cultural Passport Program
An NFT collection of digital 3D illustrative collectibles of various rarities programmed with the mechanisms to fund specific programs or causes, supporting public school students.
Capturing the efficiency of NFTs, a percent of primary sales plus lifetime royalties to directly fund programs and grow crypto-powered endowment funds, support CityPack's "learn to earn" educational platform, promoting long-term financial support.
Every program or cause requires tailored resources and distribution strategies and the flexibility to make informed, higher impact decisions to maximize donations.

Our ecosystem encourages the charitable giving of cryptocurrency through NFT collections.

The Community
NFT Holders will participate in the governance of the community pool by promoting and funding the access and production of educational resources to empower our communities and improve the lives of all.
CityPacks' NFT Collections are built on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin, and minted on Citycoins to help social impact initiatives fund educational programs, resources, grants supporting public school students, and build sustainable endowment funds for long-term growth to improve the quality of life of our students and our communities.
The collection supports our platform and our treasury, governed by CityPacks' community that collectively recommends grant recipients such as educational materials, programs, and social impact organizations.
CityPackers will enjoy access to a generative and valuable NFT, including access to educational resources, crowdfunding projects, curated events, community governance, marketplace, service guilds, and initiatives nurturing the mission of driving social impact for the public school students in perpetuity.