We believe that blockchain technology can help revolutionize education and CityPacks is committed to building a better future for all students.

CityPacks harness the power of NFTs to drive social good to forge long-lasting, sustainable outcomes for our local communities.

CityPacks is a blockchain-based education platform built on the Stacks Blockchain, powered by CityCoins that harnesses the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Defi to fund programs and build educational resources empowering public-school students.
Our ecosystem democratizes charity funding to enable anyone to contribute to social impact initiatives, simultaneously yield-generating products creating real-world impact.
It enables institutions to fund programs while supporting CityPacks ”learn-to-earn” platform, serving as an evergreen Web 3 resource for students and educators.
Through this initiative, CityPacks facilitates access to funding and educational resources, helping ALL students thrive academically and professionally, laying the foundation for a successful future in the blockchain world. Our Web3 L2E platform will help public school students learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while also earning rewards (CityCoins) for their achievements.
CityPacks is built on three pillars: Funding, Building, and Growing.
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